The Ex-Man Episode 88: Discussing Lords of Chaos w/ Scott Ian Lewis (Carnifex)

Doc welcomes Carnifex vocalist, Scott Ian Lewis, to discuss the new film, Lords of Chaos, based on the book of the same name, about the history, music, and controversial crimes committed by the Norwegian Black Metal band, Mayhem. They also talk about Scott's recently crowdfunded graphic novel, Death Dreamer, his interest in film and screenwriting, as well as an update on the latest happenings with Carnifex.

The Ex-Man Episode 87: Chris Dudley (Underoath)

Doc speaks with Underoath keyboard player, Chris Dudley, about meeting and touring together in 2003, their love for Jimmy Eat World, Underoath's role as a trailblazer bringing keyboards into the hardcore scene, what it was like to have success with Spencer joining the band on Only Chasing Safety, experimenting with their sound over the years, why they broke up and what he did in the intervening years, how his and the band's relationship with Christian faith has evolved over the years.

The Ex-Man Episode 86: Mark Morton (Lamb Of God)

Doc welcomes Lamb of God lead guitarist, Mark Morton, to the show and they talk about Mark's unique playing style, what it's been like to develop the live show for his solo band, what inspired him to branch out and do a solo album, his evolution as a lead guitarist, the philosophy behind how Lamb of God songs are written, Mark's background as an academic and political science major, his thoughts on putting himself out there on social media, what growing up in Virginia and the south means to him, and discovering his sobriety.

The Ex-Man Episode 84: Doc Interviews the Ex-Man Listeners (Matt Neufeld and Thomas Crawford)

In a very unique episode of the Ex-Man, Doc speaks with two listeners and fans of the podcast. First, Doc converses with Matt Neufeld, a defense attorney from Texas, about why he likes the Ex-Man podcast, how he got into law, and delve into the complexities of the modern criminal justice system. They also discuss the NBA and the San Antonio Spurs in the show outro.

In the 2nd half of the show, Doc speaks with Thomas Crawford, guitarist of songwriter of the band Ceraphym. They discuss his evolution of trying to build a band while also maintaining a demanding career and moving cross country, the advantage of modern technology like Superior Drummer in songwriting with band members that aren't local, and what the challenges of being an independent artist in the ever-changing heavy music world entail. 

The Ex-Man Episode 83: Ben Weinman (ex-Dillinger Escape Plan, Suicidal Tendencies)

Doc welcomes former Dillinger Escape Plan founder and guitarist Ben Weinman and they talk about how he got the gig playing with Suicidal Tendencies, what Suicidal meant to him growing up, how the scene Dillinger came up in influenced his DIY sensibility, the physicality of Dillinger's live show taking it's toll on his body and eventually winding down the band, and Ben interviews Doc a bit about God Forbid's work ethic back in the day, and what it has been like to move to LA and start over again with a new band.

The Ex-Man Episode 82: David Ellefson (Megadeth, Altitudes & Attitude)

Doc welcomes legendary bassist of Megadeth, David Ellefson, and they talk about Dave quitting heroin, recognizing great feel in other musicians, the differences between Megadeth and Metallica, being on the forefront of digital recording and the direction of Megadeth in the 90s, getting reinvigorated with new band members on their last album Dystopia, dealing with fame, discovering a new career with Peavey after Megadeth disbanded, how he ended up back in the band, and learning how to appreciate his successful career.

The Ex-Man Episode 81: Discussing NBA, Anthony Davis & Free Agency w/ Nelson Blake

On this NBA only podcast, Doc welcomes guest, Nelson Blake II (DC & Marvel Comics), to discuss the controversy surrounding Anthony Davis' trade request, the hypocrisy around differing criticism of other players as well as franchises, the Lakers poor management, LeBron James' self-defeating micro management, the debate about supporting teams vs individual players, the evolution of NBA players wanting to exercise their personal agency as human beings in relation to their actual free agency as employees, the toxicity of the modern sports media, and close out with speculation about the Knicks prospects in the future.

The Ex-Man Episode 80: Clint Lowery (Sevendust, ex-Dark New Day)

Doc welcomes this week's guest, guitarist and backing vocalist of Sevendust, Clint Lowery. They talk about why he left Sevendust years ago to start Dark New Day with his brother, the musical background and chemistry with his family, when God Forbid failed to open up for Sevendust back in the 90s and how it inspired Doc, the secret to their longevity and connection with their fans, how his creative energy inspires him to do side projects, the difficulty of dealing with life outside of Sevendust, his stint with Korn, and expounds on his unique songwriting style.

The Ex-Man Episode 79: Who Invented Metalcore? w/ Mike Montoya (Winds of Plague, Morgoth Beatz)

Doc welcomes Mike Montoya, guitarist for Winds of Plague, and producer under the name Morgoth Beatz. They discuss the history of metalcore from it's roots in the 1980s crossover scene to the modern era of where metalcore has gone mainstream and everything in between.

This episode references a YouTube video "What Killed Metalcore?" from The Punk Rock MBA hosted by Finn McKenty. Check out the video and subscribe to Finn's excellent page -

The Ex-Man Episode 78: Paul Conroy (ex-Roadrunner A&R, ex-Lamb of God Manager, ex-Ferret Records/Good Fight Entertainment)

Doc welcomes former artist manager, A&R, and entrepreneur Paul Conroy and they talk about how he got his start in the music business in Philadelphia,  getting hired by Roadrunner Records, his challenges as an A&R, leaving Roadrunner to manage Lamb of God, how insecurity as a manager got the best of him and led to him partnering with Carl Severson at Ferret Records, his philosophy on how passion drives his entrepreneurial spirit, selling Ferret and launching Good Fight Entertainment, burning out and changing his focus to health and wellness, leaving the music industry and moving to the west coast to enter sports entertainment, his current company Plus Foundry, and Paul inquires Doc about his life transitions and recent success.

The Ex-Man Episode 76: Discussing Rolling Stone's Disparaging Article on Mainstream Rock w/ Rob Blasko (Ozzy, ex-Rob Zombie)

Doc welcomes Rob Blasko, bassist for Ozzy Osbourne, owner of Mercenary Artist Management (Black Veil Brides, Black Label Society), and host of the ManageMental and A New Level podcasts, to discuss a recent article issued by Rolling Stone that is very critical of the mainstream rock music in 2018 entitled "Why Mainstream Rock Sucked In 2018".

The Ex-Man Episode 75: Barry Stock (Three Days Grace)

Doc speaks with Three Days Grace guitarist, Barry Stock, and they talk about how Barry joined the band, what he thinks the secret to their longevity is, what Three Days Grace's songwriting process is like, how his hobby of hunting helps him clear his mind of stress, how the band dealt with changing lead singers, his history as a guitar tech, and how passion for guitar gear has shaped his current touring set up.

The Ex-Man Episode 74: Mat Madiro (From Ashes To New, ex-Trivium)

Doc welcomes guest, Mat Madiro, drummer of From Ashes To New, and they talk about Mat's start in the music industry working as a drum tech for I See Stars, eventually getting hired to tech for Trivium, getting asked to actually play drums in Trivium, how he dealt with the pressure of playing with such a big band at a young age, recording the album Silence In The Snow, why he ultimately left Trivium, how he joined From Ashes To New, and what the future looks like traversing the industry with a more mainstream sounding band.

The Ex-Man Episode 73: Ben Umanov (Vince Neilstein from MetalSucks)

Doc welcomes guest, Ben Umanov aka Vince Neilstein, co-founder and content creator for They talk about Doc's early involvement as a writer on MetalSucks, Ben's early years working for Atlantic records, how Matt and he came up with the idea to start the blog, where the confrontational and unapologetic tone of the site comes from, the divisiveness and negativity in the metal scene, the site's evolution to become more outspoken politically and how it's affected the audience, and Doc and Ben debate a bit about politics.

The Ex-Man Episode 72: Christian "CC" Coma (Black Veil Brides, ex-Silent Civilian)

Doc welcomes Black Veil Brides drummer, Christian "CC" Coma, and they talk about his early days playing for Silent Civilian, what went wrong with that band and why he quit, the thought process behind Black Veil Brides' image, how he has dealt with finally achieving success in the music industry, what it was like to work with super-producer Bob Rock, and the future of the band. 

The Ex-Man Episode 71: Mike Mowery (Outerloop Management, Jabberjaw Media)

Doc welcomes Mike Mowery, podcaster, owner of Outerloop Management and record label, as well as co-owner of Jabberjaw Media, the podcast network that The Ex Man is a part of. They talk about Mike's trip cross-country, his time in Los Angeles, weigh the pros and cons of being too honest in the the podcasting field, how the Jabberjaw Media podcast network came together, the state of the heavy music industry in the streaming age, his recent challenges in dealing with adversity with his business and personal life, and share some internal reflections on how one stays positive through adversity.

This episode features the song "A Grave Mistake" by ICE NINE KILLS from their new album The Silver Scream.

The Ex-Man Episode 70: Keith Wallen (Breaking Benjamin, ex-Adelita's Way, Copper)

Doc welcomes Breaking Benjamin guitarist and backing vocalist, Keith Wallen, to the show, and they talk about the idiosyncrasies of their long summer tour, Keith's time playing with Adelita's Way, how he joined Breaking Benjamin, grinding it out in the early days with his old band, Copper, dealing with the attention that comes with joining a very big band like Breaking Benjamin, share their love and stories about Metallica, how he has enjoyed the monumental success of their new album and tour, his solo project, and the two weigh in with their Bush and Obama impressions.

The Ex-Man Episode 69: Mike Couls (Vehement Serenade, ex-Sworn Enemy, ex-Agents of Man)

Doc welcomes famed hardcore bass player, Mike Couls as his guest and they talk about Mike booking God Forbid's first ever tour in Detroit, how losing his father at a young age led him to find solace in the hardcore scene, dealing with the violent backdrop of Detroit and joining local legends, Cold As Life, breaking out into the bigger metal world with Sworn Enemy, tells some amazing Ozzfest stories, why he left Sworn Enemy to move to NJ and join the much more melodic Agents of Man, becoming a journeyman touring bassist playing with bands like Terror, Merauder, Skarhead, and The Cro-Mags, the two resolve a difficult personal issue from the past, and discuss his controversial nickname, "The Gook".