Episode 1: Katrina Bleckley & Melissa Garcia

Welcome to the Interning 101 Podcast, hosted by entrepreneur, author, and manager, Emily White! Many interns want to know how to get to the top. For the premiere episode, Emily interviews her business partners, Katrina Bleckley and Melissa Garcia, who both began as interns.

Guests: Melissa Garcia & Katrina Bleckley - Co-Founding Partners at Collective Entertainment. You can follow their company on Twitter @CollectiveEnt_

Many interns want to get to the top but how does one actually go about doing so? In this debut episodes, Emily White delves into the background of her current business partners, who have risen from intern to partner over the years.

Emily, Katrina and Melissa delve into their backgrounds and roads to success along with how they support and mentor current interns on their journeys and beyond.