Episode 13: Emily White

Episode 13 is Emily White’s favorite music industry interview she’s done in her career. No offense to Seymour Stein, etc!. Today Emily interviews Emily White, who is not her. Emily White, sometimes dubbed by Host Emily as EW2 to avoid confusion, is from West Virginia and became a lightning rod in the music industry as an intern for NPR in 2012 based on a blog post she wrote called “I Never Owned Any Music To Begin With.” The Emilys delve into the chaos that ensued, and how EW2 went on in her career to positions at Billboard and is currently creating how we all consume music as a product manager at Spotify. We hope you enjoy the episode on the ever-evolving music industry, EW2’s career, and how to get a job via Twitter, as well as score an in-demand job that was never publicly posted.