Mini Episode 3

Welcome to The Interning 101 Podcast’s third mini-episode! Why are we doing these? Because Interning 101 was initially a book. Entrepreneur, author, and manager Emily White wants to share all of her modern business knowledge with you, but wants to hear from the guests during the interview episodes. So here we dive deep into the tenets of Interning 101 the book, with Emily’s wealth of experience and insights into modern business best practices and beyond.

Today, Emily discusses her background, interning with The Dresden Dolls when they were a local band on the rise, the origins of how the band and Amanda Palmer built their relationship with their fans, how Emily became a tour manager, the importance of merch, and other early stories from Emily, The Dresden Dolls, and touring in their early days including their first SXSW, touring with Nine Inch Nails, and how they were all at Coachella in lieu of Emily walking in her college graduation ceremony (although she did of course graduate). Emily also discusses learning from a single mistake, never making it again, and the benefits of interning abroad if one can and how Emily met Prince Charles at her internship in London. She’ll also discuss how she was offered her first job out of college, that ultimately she created and wasn’t posted anywhere.

Our third mini-episode with entrepreneur and author Emily White covers her background with The Dresden Dolls, beginning in college, as well as touring the world with Nine Inch Nails, her first SXSW and Coachella, as well as the surprising benefits of interning abroad if one can. In Emily’s internship in London, she actually met Prince Charles. Hear that and much more in Mini-Episode 3 of The Interning 101 Podcast!