Mini Episode 5

Welcome to The Interning 101 Podcast’s second mini-episode! Why are we doing these? Because Interning 101 was initially a book. Entrepreneur, author, and manager Emily White wants to share all of her modern business knowledge with you, but wants to hear from the guests during the interview episodes. So here we dive deep into the tenets of Interning 101 the book, with Emily’s wealth of experience and insights into modern business best practices and beyond.

Today, Emily talks about launching her first management company - Whitesmith Entertainment - from a couch in Miami. She discusses starting from scratch and quickly partnering with a comedy manager that fate brought together, leading to Emily’s first project that was Grammy nominated. White talks about her first major panel and how to succeed and grow with such opportunities, and how that all led to her name gracing the cover of Billboard magazine in her 20’s.