Mini Episode 7

Welcome to The Interning 101 Podcast’s second mini-episode! Why are we doing these? Because Interning 101 was initially a book. Entrepreneur, author, and manager Emily White wants to share all of her modern business knowledge with you, but wants to hear from the guests during the interview episodes. So here we dive deep into the tenets of Interning 101 the book, with Emily’s wealth of experience and insights into modern business best practices and beyond. 

Today is an “emergency” mini-episode in response to Emily’s recent live podcast taping w/ 5 Hofstra University students (the forthcoming Episode 11). Emily was shocked to learn that these students had cleaned toilets and received work texts at 2 AM that they were expected to respond to in the middle of the night (WTF?). Although we know that interning is a controversial, this is NOT what interning is all about. In this episode Emily shares her horror and disgust as a call to action amongst her fellow bosses for proper intern treatment and segues into her personal experiences of being sexually harassed and assaulted as an intern.