Lead Singer Syndrome Episode 161: Hollywood Undead (Danny and J-Dog)

Hollywood Undead is here!  Most bands have one lead singer, Hollywood Undead has FIVE!  How does that dynamic affect their writing style, their decision making and how they get along?  Danny and J-Dog take a time out from the studio to jump on the line with Shane to discuss that, the arrival of Danny at a critical time in the bands history, their often controversial lyrics, emo rap, turning 18, threesomes, and of course - weed.

Lead Singer Syndrome Episode 160: Mikey Carvajal (Islander)

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!  It's Jan 2nd, and today I spoke with Mikey of Islander, one of the nicest and most honest guys in the scene.  We chat everything from his upbringing in a bi-racial family in South Carolina, to getting started in the punk scene, making friends with seemingly every rockstar ever, and getting kicked off Warped Tour the first time they ever played it.

Lead Singer Syndrome Episode 159: Trevor Phipps (Unearth)

Unearth frontman Trevor Phipps joins the show for this special holiday episode!  Boston, Massachusetts' Unearth rarely get the credit they should as being one of the pioneers of true "metalcore" - combining modern metal and modern hardcore together.  But after 20 years, 7 albums, and countless world tours - Unearth isn't going anywhere and continue to draw rabid crowds on the strength of a near flawless back catalog.  Trevor and Shane discuss everything from poker to acid reflux, reminisce about Dimebag Darrell, talk shop on the current music industry, and of course discuss the story behind the latest Unearth album - "Extinction(s)".  

Lead Singer Syndrome Episode 158: Steven Page (ex-Barenaked Ladies)

Big episode this week!  Steven Page, former lead vocalist of Barenaked Ladies joins the show!  in 2009, amid much controversy, Steven suddenly left Barenaked Ladies - a group he co-founded in 1988.  Since, he's had a successful solo career, and earlier this year for the first time in 9 years, BNL reunited for a one-off performance for the Junos / Canadian Music Hall of Fame.  Shane and Steven discuss this years reunion, the early days, the somehow "wholesome" reputation of BNL, the art of natural stage banter and how his solo career has turned political... even featuring an "F-bomb" in a song title.

Lead Singer Syndrome Episode 157: Cove Reber Pt. 2 (Saosin, Dead American) + RYLS

In this second of a two-part series with Cove Reber (ex-Saosin, Dead American) we hit the ground running again!  Cove discusses his departure from Saosin, his devotion to his fans, his hiatus from music, and a lot more!  Also - I sit down with Jade and Sahar of RYLS (pronounced "Royals") a brand new independent band from Toronto who are turning heads with their new single "Waves", and are about to release their debut EP.  

Lead Singer Syndrome Episode 156: Cove Reber (Saosin, Dead American) Part 1

Cove Reber joins the show!  In this two part series, we go SUPER in-depth about Cove's background and the incredible way he ended up as the singer of his favorite band of all time - Saosin.  Since Cove and Saosin went their separate ways in 2010 - he hasn't done very much.  With original singer Anthony Green back in Saosin, Cove now has a new project of his own - Dead American.

Lead Singer Syndrome Episode 155: Ben Cook (No Warning, Young Guv, Fucked Up)

Ben Cook, frontman of Canadian Hardcore legends No Warning joins the show!  Ben also plays guitar in Fucked Up and has a solo project called Young Guv.  Discussed are his wide range of projects, his interesting upbringing as a mainstream child actor, being a self confessed "shit disturber" in his youth, run-ins with Fred Durst, and how he had to answer to Linkin Park while making the second No Warning album.  

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Lead Singer Syndrome Episode 154: Chris LoPorto (Can't Swim)

Can't Swim frontman Chris LoPorto joins the show with his incredible and unique story and ride to success.  Originally a drummer playing gigs as young as 12 years old, Chris taught himself to play guitar and sing and made some demos in his free time.  These demos found their way into the hands of Jake Round of Pure Noise Records who took the project under his wing and allowed Chris to put a band together and start touring the world on the strength of their incredible first album.  Now 2 years later, Chris and the guys are about to release their sophomore effort, "This Too Won't Pass".  

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Lead Singer Syndrome Episode 153: Liam Cormier (Cancer Bats)

Completely raw and unedited!  Liam Cormier sits down with Shane backstage while on tour in Germany.  Discussed are the Bats surprising mainstream acceptance in Canada, Liam's love for motorcycles and his bike inspired clothing line, their Black Sabbath cover band Bat Sabbath, and putting out their latest record "The Spark That Moves" as a complete surprise.  Bonus:  Liam ranks Cancer Bats discography from favorite to least favorite. 

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Lead Singer Syndrome Episode 152: John Nolan (Taking Back Sunday, Straylight Run)

Taking Back Sunday guitarist/vocalist John Nolan joins the show this week!  After Taking Back Sunday's massive splash on the scene with their gold selling debut album "Tell All Your Friends", John Nolan did the unthinkable - he left the band.  After a 7 year stint fronting his own band Straylight Run, John, along with bassist Shaun Cooper, made a triumphant returned to Taking Back Sunday.  John tells the story of what happened, discusses the departure of founding member Eddie Reyes, and talks about his brand new (and terrific) solo album.  

Lead Singer Syndrome Episode 151: Ryan Kirby (Fit For A King)

Fit For A King frontman Ryan Kirby joins the show!  One of the most requested guests, Kirby dives deep into the inspiration and vocal performances of their terrific new album "Dark Skies", the departure of friend and songwriter Bobby Lynge, and how for them being labelled a Christian Band is sometimes complicated.  And don't worry - plenty of talk about America's Team - The Dallas Cowboys!

Lead Singer Syndrome Episode 150: Spencer Charnas (Ice Nine Kills)

ONE FIFTY BABY!  Another milestone has been reached, and to celebrate, one of the most requested guests, Spencer Charnas of Ice Nine Kills joins the show!  Fresh off a new album Shane is calling their "Magnum Opus", Spencer discusses the intense writing and recording process including recording vocals in actual horror movie locations, a lot of very cool cameos, and elaborate video shoots.  Also discussed is Ice Nine Kills slow but steady rise to the top, being "underrated", and his early life growing up in Massachusetts.

Lead Singer Syndrome Episode 148: Vinnie Caruana (The Movielife, I Am The Avalanche)

The prolific Vinnie Caruana, known best for The Movielife and I Am The Avalanche joins the show!  With no less than 5 projects on the go right now (seriously FIVE), Vinnie somehow found the time to chat with Shane about the breakup of The Movielife right in their prime, his brief stint in Head Automatica, Drive Thru Records, and starting a new band with Hardcore legend Sammy Siegler.  Vinnie is as open and honest as it gets, this is a must listen.

Lead Singer Syndrome Episode 147: Nathan Gray (BOYSETSFIRE)

Legendary Emotional Hardcore frontman Nathan Gray of BOYSETSFIRE joins Shane in a conversation that took place backstage at a festival in Germany this Summer.  Never someone to shy away from his true feelings, Nathan discusses being a pioneer of doing both screaming and singing vocals, their success in Europe, having 2 bass players, US and world politics, and how the subject matter of a 20 year old Boysetsfire song is just as relevant today.

Lead Singer Syndrome Episode 146: Luke Bentham (The Dirty Nil)

Lead singer/guitarist Luke Bentham of Juno award winning rock band The Dirty Nil joins the show!  "The Nil", one of Shane's favorite bands (and whose debut was one of his top albums of 2016) are back with a brand new album - "Master Volume".  Luke talks about how hearing for the first time Nirvana changed his life, the difficulties of being a 3 piece band, and the personal meaning behind their new song "I Don't Want That Phone Call".

Lead Singer Syndrome Episode 145: Zakk Wylde (Black Label Society, Ozzy Osbourne)

Guitar God / Lead singer / Jokester Zakk Wylde joins the show!  Before the Black Label Society show in Toronto, Shane was able to meet Zakk backstage and the two of them chatted about 33 years of marriage, the New York Yankees, the movie Rockstar, the final Ozzy tour ever, and where he got his patented "squeal" (AKA pinch harmonic) sound from.

Lead Singer Syndrome Episode 144: Frank Turner Returns!

On his first (and last) stint on the Vans Warped Tour, Shane sits down with his pal Frank Turner to discuss: Dry touring, his first Warped Tour, email, writing his second book, writing a new album already, songwriting, arranging songs, navigating a backing band, egos in the music industry, Make America Great Again, Being More Kind, and THE WORLD EXCLUSIVE of his new side project "Eating Before Swimming"... and seriously a lot more!  Action packed - of course a must listen.  Congrats on your engagement Frank!  

Lead Singer Syndrome Episode 143: Four Year Strong (Alan Day and Dan O'Connor)

FOUR YEAR STRONG ARE HERE!  One of the most requested artists, Shane sits down with co-frontmen Alan and Dan on their bus on Warped Tour.  In a super honest and candid discussion, they discuss how similar they are in terms of voice/guitar playing/musical taste, the time they "pretty much broke up", their growing pains leading to the failure of their 3rd album, and the reasons why they don't use in-ear monitors or play to a click track.