ManageMental Episode 111: Top Tips for Word of Mouth Marketing

Hypebot article "3 Tips For Boosting Word-Of-Mouth About Your Music" by James Shotwell of Haulix.

In a world filled with limitless opportunities for promotion, word-of-mouth remains the most powerful tool in music marketing.

Great marketing is the key to success in music today. The problem is, everyone trying to make it in music right now knows that to be true. Everywhere you look, be it online or in the real world countless artists creating a seemingly endless stream of promotional material in hopes of gaining enough traction in their careers to move forward in one way or another. It’s overwhelming, in a way, and often defeating in another.

Don’t lose hope yet. There is a secret to cutting through the noise that has worked for artists throughout history that will undoubtedly work for you as well. Marketing professionals and promotional consultants may not tell you this, but the most effective advertising in the world often costs nothing at all. It’s call word-of-mouth, and there is a good chance you have it right now. As long as someone who loves your work is telling someone else about the stuff you create, word-of-mouth is working for you, and if you can get enough people to spread the word then anything is possible.

• Identify your most engaged fans, and treat them well.
• Keep your social media presence updated and engaging.
• Make great stuff.