ManageMental Episode 82: Do You Need a Booking Agent?

This week we talk about booking agents. This is gonna be killer, so let’s get mental!

Listener Nick writes:

"What’s up Blasko,

Big fan of the podcast and what you do. My band is currently in a situation that I haven’t heard you and Mike talk about yet.

I’m in a band that has been signed for about 4 years. We’ve put out an EP and a full length, done several national tours with bigger acts, as well as many smaller tours across the states.

Recently, we had to fire our booking agent because, for lack of a better term...he completely ghosted us. No letter of resignation, no emails, nothing. He just stopped answering our manager’s calls and emails one day. We’ve tried to think of any reason why he could have left, but in all honesty we are totally confused.

SO, given that we aren’t the type to wait around for things to happen, we got back on the DIY booking grind. In return, we’ve been able to book ourselves at better venues and get better deals for the band than when we had an agent - leaving me to ponder why we should even look for another agent in the first place.

My questions are as follows:

1.) What are the pros of even having a booking agent in an age where young bands can get it all done themselves?

2.) if it is decided that we should seek out a new agent, what are some things we should look for? Connects? Passion for the band? 

3.) How can we know that our agent is pulling their weight and kicking ass for the band?

Thanks. Keep it mental.