ManageMental Episode 84: How To Get An Internship In The Music Business Without A Single Contact

This week while Blasko is out, Mike is joined by Emily White, author and host of the Interning 101 book and podcast.

Mike: “I’ve been enamored with Emily White since we met as panelists at The Yellow Phone Music Conference in 2014. She has continued to inspire me with her passion and consistent record of achievement. As a CEO of a boutique music company, we mentor and work with interns every day and have always wanted to provide them with a valuable learning experience. That has been made all the better once we began following the advice of Emily White’s Interning 101 book. Emily’s charismatic personality combined with her extensive industry knowledge makes her a natural to be a podcast host.”

The Interning 101 Podcast takes listeners through the journey of how to successfully navigate and succeed in one’s field of choice. Episodes include interviews with Warped Tour Founder and USC Professor Kevin Lyman, Brian Viglione (The Dresden Dolls, Scarlet Sails, Violent Femmes, NIN), as well as Emily’s current business partners who began as interns a decade ago. The show also interviews current interns to experience the reality of the interning landscape in 2018 as well as Downtown Music Publishing Head of People Lisa Hauptman, Composer Matthew Wang (Netflix, Hans Zimmer Productions), and USA Swimming’s Jake Grosser.

The Jabberjaw team is also producing Interning 101 “mini-episodes” in which White will delve into specific topics from Interning 101 the book to educate the audience on modern business best practices, and more, in detail. Adds White, “It’s important that we keep the interview episodes focused on our awesome guests. But I want to ensure that the audience is getting educated on the crucial tenets of the Interning 101 book and for those that want to dive deeper, these episodes are perfect to learn how to succeed in modern business and beyond.

Mike and Emily discuss the article "How To Get An Internship In The Music Business Without A Single Contact" by Ariel Hyatt of CyberPR. Follow her on Twitter @cyberpr.