ManageMental Episode 85: How Much Does It Cost To Tour In 2018?

This week while Blasko is out, Mike is joined by Nick "Biggie" Grimaldi of Good Fight Management. Check out Biggie's roster here.

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Mike and Biggie discuss the Hypebot article "How Much Does It Cost To Tour In 2018?" by Royalty Exchange.


Touring is where the money is at in today’s music business.

But it’s also where most of the expenses lie as well.

Creating a realistic tour budget can help your time on the road be successful, but it’s far from a guarantee that you’ll end up turning a profit. The band Pomplamoose famously lost almost $12,000 on the month-long tour they wrote about in 2014
From transportation, to gear, to routing, to accommodations, to paying third parties… having a good idea how much touring costs is essential for musicians who hope to make their time out on the road worth their while.

Don’t let your tour turn into a money pit. Smart budgeting, and planning expenses ahead of time, can make the difference between a meaningful payday or a career-ending debacle.