ManageMental Episode 88: Blasko and Mike Answer Your Questions

This week we answer some questions from you, our loyal listeners. This is gonna be killer, so let’s get mental!


It might benefit from an episode going over who the players are in a local show (the promoter, the venue, etc.) what they do, and what the best practices are.

Keep it Mental,


I’m writing you because I heard the part about physical promotion in your recent Manage Mental podcast episode, and how you guys asked for feedback from a younger crowd on their opinions. I’m only 21 so I’ve only dealt in the age of digital promotion, however I see some serious benefits with physical promotion. These benefits aren’t necessarily for growing a larger fan base, but rather a stronger fan base. When it comes to getting the word out, digital seems to be the only way people really hear about things, but I think physical components are a key way to make fans feel more involved than they can on a digital platform, even with simple things like printing a handful of posters for a gig and giving them out for $1 or free at the show. One thing I’ve consistently seen with show flyers like that is that when they are available, they go fast and everyone who gets one tends to remember the gig better and feel more like they were a part of it personally. You guys also mentioned handwritten notes to go along with merch orders, I think that is a super easy and free thing to do to create a much more personal relationship between you and your fans. Those fans will be special and will be repeat customers at your shows and online stores, and help you out with gas money to get on tour to expand that fan base. If you do this consistently everyone will remember your band as a genuine group of guys and talk about you more. That’s just my thoughts based on my limited experience. 



With regard to physical promotion tactics, I co-created a physical flyer concept with a team about a year and a half ago and it has yielded killer results for us. What we do is come up with a theme and title for a show and then organize a photo shoot just for the flyer. Thus far we have integrated band members into the shoots as well as models. We have utilized local cos players to collaborate which has expanded our reach into their scene as well. 

I have a route of coffee houses, tattoo shops, clothing boutiques, vape shops, etc. that all display physical flyers for us. We, of course do boosted posts digitally and share from everyone's socials. I try to get some behind the scenes footage of every photo shoot and then blog about it as well as post on my personal and business pages. 

Thanks again, you guys rock!


Something that I know I would find very helpful as I’m sure other listeners would as well would be if you and Mike could dive into some of the tools available online to maximize the impact of social media marketing. I’ve been studying metrics on the website Next Big Sound and I was wondering if there any other resources similar to, or better than this that you guys can recommend so that bands such as my own are working smarter and not harder. 

All the best,
Scott Kelly