ManageMental Episode 91: Likeness Rights, Trademarks & Partnerships

This week Mike is joined by special guest Ryan J. Downey. Ryan is the founder of Superhero Artist Management, representing Demon Hunter, Killer Be Killed, Throwdown, and Zeuss (whose producer credits include Rob Zombie, Queensrÿche, Hatebreed). He is a longtime journalist who has contributed to MTV News, Billboard, the Hollywood Reporter, and other outlets. Downey hosts Speak N’ Destroy, a podcast about all things Metallica, and No-Prize from God, which features conversations with creative people about belief, unbelief, and everything between.

You can find Ryan on Twitter @ryandowney and Instagram @superherohq.

Original article "ACE FREHLEY Would Only Participate In KISS's Final Tour If He Could 'Take Back' His 'Make-Up, Costume And Character'" on

"Don’t give up your face! Ace Frehley has said he will only return to KISS if he is able to take back his makeup, costume, and character. How does someone end up without the rights to their own likeness? We dive in to the complicated histories of some legendary hard rock and punk acts to stress the importance of protecting your beautiful mug.”