ManageMental Episode 94: Are You Threatin Me?

Threatin coverage on MetalSucks:

Jered Eames, who goes by the stage name Jered Threatin, began Threatin as a solo act after his departure from Abigail Williams. In 2015, Threatin released a single, "Living Is Dying". In 2017, the album Breaking the World was released, with Jered Threatin performing all instruments. 
In November 2018, Threatin was booked to tour the United Kingdom and Europe having informed venues they had sold hundreds of tickets and had paid the hire fee before each gig. However, the tour achieved widespread news coverage when it became known that the shows had been played to empty rooms. 
It was later discovered that the 38,000 likes on the band's Facebook page had been bought. It was also found that Threatin created a series of fake websites for a booking agency (StageRight Bookings), a record label (Superlative Music Recordings), a PR company (Magnified Media PR), a music recording studio (Mindframe Studios), a film production company (Glass Castle Film & Photography), and various music press websites (Top Rock Press, New York Music Review, Celebrity Music Scene) in an attempt to give his band credibility and secure the tour, and referenced other made-up companies (Universal Web Group) and bands/artists. Doctored footage of Threatin performing in an arena to audience stock footage was used to produce a promotional video for the European tour.