ManageMental Episode 95: How to Connect With Your Fans

Hypebot article "5 Things You Should Share With Your Fans Besides Music" by Michael Hahn of LANDR.

While sharing the music they've created should certainly be an artist's number one priority when it comes to interacting with fans, but as the distance between audience and creator shrinks, it becomes important for artists to share other information with fans as well. Today’s communication tools have broken down boundaries between audience and creator. It’s clear that sharing your music with your fans is the number one priority. But your community is looking for more than just tracks. They want the extra details that bring the sounds to life. Your music has a story, and it’s up to you to bring that story to your fans—it’s the part of speaking to your audience that’s more than just music. There’s tons of ways to tell the story around your sound. But to get you started here’s 5 useful ideas of what to share with your fans beyond your music.

1. Why you make music
2. Your studio, gear and recording process 
3. Your influences
4. Other creative projects you’re into
5. Other artists in your community