Peer Pleasure Episode 101: Matt Freeman & Jason Willer (Charger)

Welcome to Episode 101! This week we have Matt Freeman from Rancid and Operation Ivy and Jason Willer from Jello Biafra and the Guantánamo School of Medicine speaking about their new band Charger. The new Charger EP is out now on Pirates Press Records, check it out after you listen to the story of how they got together. Don’t forget to rate and subscribe to the show!

Peer Pleasure Episode 100: Lars Frederiksen (Rancid/The Old Firm Casuals)

Episode 100 is finally upon us everyone and I give to you, my loyal listeners, Lars Frederiksen from the Mighty Rancid and The Old Firm Casuals! What a great time we had chatting about his troubled and unique childhood to now being one of the most recognizable faces in Punk Rock and in music as a whole. Don't miss this one guys, one of the best conversations so far on the podcast. Don't forget to rate and subscribe! Thanks so much for 100 great episodes and sticking with us!

Peer Pleasure Episode 99: Rick Thorne (BMX Legend)

Episode 99 is here with a fantastic chat with the one and only Rick Thorne! Rick is a BMX Legend, Musician, TV Personality, Father amongst many other things and is an all around great and interesting man. Rick and I met back in 2003 on Warped Tour and now you can hear his story uncut and candid as ever. Don't miss this conversation y'all, it's a great one and don't forget to rate and subscribe wherever you listen to podcasts.

Peer Pleasure Episode 98: Sage Francis (Epic Beard Men)

Hello everyone, We sure are getting close to Episode 100 but this week we hit number 98 with the man himself, Sage Francis. Sage is an amazing hip hop artist I have been listening to for many years and I was so stoked to have him on! We had a great chat about so many topics and his new project with B Dolan called Epic Beard Men that hits the road this week so go check it out! Don't forget to rate and subscribe on apple podcasts or wherever you listen to the show! 

Peer Pleasure Episode 97: Rachael Madori (Ex-Porn Star)

Hello everyone and welcome to Episode 97 with one of our favorite guests on the show, Rachael Madori returns! For those of you who requested she come back on for another conversation this one is for you and be warned there are several triggers in this episode so listen with caution. We dive deep again into her story of depression and being in the hospital once again to battle her demons as well as her newest business ventures in New York and her journey from California where we last spoke, to the Big Apple! Don't forget to rate and subscribe!

Peer Pleasure Episode 96: Eric Howk (Portugal. The Man)

Good Morning once again everyone and welcome to Episode 96 with one of my best and oldest friends, Eric Howk of Portugal. The Man! What a fun chat we had revisiting the old times growing up and curating a scene back in Alaska to what life has dealt both of us over the years and the wild ride of success! Enjoy this glimpse into the life of Eric and the boys as they gear up for a new record and new music coming soon. Don't forget to rate and subscribe!

Peer Pleasure Episode 95: Ryder Evan Robison (Vaux)

Good Morning one and all and welcome to episode 95! My good friend Ryder Evan Robison from the mighty and powerful Vaux joins me to chat about life before, during and after Vaux as well as his move from NYC to rural Idaho to his families homestead to focus on finding himself and making a living off his amazing artwork. Ryder's work can be found on Instagram at @rer_studio and at where he makes custom guitar straps and other leather goods as well as amazing artwork on antique wood handles and guitars. This is one not to miss folks, get into it! 

Peer Pleasure Episode 94: Jason Aalon Butler (FEVER 333)

Good Morning everyone and welcome to episode 94! The one and only, Mr. Jason Aalon Butler joins me to talk about all things FEVER 333 and growing up in southern California through some of the most trying of times. What an inspirational person with a story to tell and a heart that will inspire you all. Such a gracious and humble dude and we can all learn something from his passion. Thanks so much for listening week after week and don't forget to rate and subscribe!

Peer Pleasure Episode 93: Aaron Edge (Lumbar/Himsa)

Good Morning my friends and welcome to Episode 93 of Peer Pleasure with the man himself, Mr. Aaron D.C. Edge! Aaron is a good friend of mine for over 15 years now and what a journey his life has taken over the last decade. With a million bands under his belt he has traveled the world and done amazing artwork for some of the biggest bands and labels in the world. With the last few years being pretty tough with struggling to cope and press on after an MS Diagnosis and trying to remain productive and healthy, Aaron has created some beautifully heavy music that you all will appreciate and enjoy. His Lumbar project is set for re-release on January 11th 2019 through Argonauta (LP and CD) and Anima Recordings (Cassette) so go pre-order "The First and Last Days of Unwelcome" by Lumbar Today! You can find his artwork and design work at

Peer Pleasure Episode 91: Chris Conley (Saves The Day)

Hello everyone and welcome to the year end episode for 2018, Episode 91 with the legendary Chris Conley from Saves The Day and Two Tongues! What an inspiring and truly great conversation Chris and I had talking about the early years of Saves the Day and what life has looked like for him and his family. Be sure to check this out and all the other episodes from this year. Don't forget to rate and subscribe so you don't miss a beat!

Peer Pleasure Episode 90: Mike Scheidt (YOB)

Hello again everyone and here we are with another great episode with the living legend Mr. Mike Scheidt from the mighty YOB! I did this interview awhile back before the hiatus and I wanted to make sure to get it out to all of you to hear as it was an awesome conversation that went to lots of different places. Check out the new YOB album, "Our Raw Heart" now and don't forget to rate and subscribe!

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Peer Pleasure Episode 89: Teppei Teranishi (Thrice)

We are back! This episode is very special to me getting to sit down with my friend Teppei to go through his story and how he became one of the best guitar players and songwriters I have had the pleasure of knowing. It feels good to have the show back and no better way to do so then chatting with a legend. I hope you all enjoy and we will see you on the next episode. Go check out PALMS from Thrice out now on Epitaph Records!

Peer Pleasure Episode 86: Yvette Young (Covet)

This week on Peer Pleasure Dewey sits down with one of the most innovative and interesting guitarists in recent history, Yvette Young from the Math Rock band Covet. Yvette opens up about her childhood, eating disorders, depression and discovering guitar and playing music for herself. This is a very deep chat and there are things mentioned that could be triggers to those suffering and recovering from eating disorders. Please listen with caution if you are affected by triggers.

Peer Pleasure Episode 82: Ryan Sollee (The Builders & The Butchers)

This week Dewey sits down (literally) with the one and only Ryan Sollee from The Builders and the Butchers for a chat in Ryan's mancave to talk about the stories of old and new about the unique stigma of Alaskans in music and the current events in each others lives. Don't miss this episode and subscribe now!

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