Peer Pleasure Episode 93: Aaron Edge (Lumbar/Himsa)

Good Morning my friends and welcome to Episode 93 of Peer Pleasure with the man himself, Mr. Aaron D.C. Edge! Aaron is a good friend of mine for over 15 years now and what a journey his life has taken over the last decade. With a million bands under his belt he has traveled the world and done amazing artwork for some of the biggest bands and labels in the world. With the last few years being pretty tough with struggling to cope and press on after an MS Diagnosis and trying to remain productive and healthy, Aaron has created some beautifully heavy music that you all will appreciate and enjoy. His Lumbar project is set for re-release on January 11th 2019 through Argonauta (LP and CD) and Anima Recordings (Cassette) so go pre-order "The First and Last Days of Unwelcome" by Lumbar Today! You can find his artwork and design work at