The Jabberjaw Media Podcast Network is a music-focused podcast network, co-founded by Matt Carter of EMERY and Mike Mowery of Outerloop Group. Our shows include 100 Words Or Less hosted by Ray Harkins (TAKEN), A New Level hosted by Blasko (OZZY OSBOURNE), Break It Down hosted by Matt Carter, The Ex-Man hosted by Doc Coyle (BAD WOLVES/GOD FORBID), Interning 101 hosted by Emily White, In The Key of Change Chats hosted by Jackie Cular, Smartpunk Presents: The Lead In, Lead Singer Syndrome hosted by Shane Told (SILVERSTEIN), The ManageMental Podcast hosted by Blasko and Mike Mowery, The MetalSucks Podcast hosted by Petar Spajic, Brandon Hahn and Jozalyn Sharp, The Peer Pleasure Podcast hosted by Dewey Halpaus (ANATOMY OF A GHOST/PORTGUAL. THE MAN), Stereo Confidential (formerly the award-winning Modern Vinyl Podcast), and That One Time On Tour, hosted by Christopher Swinney (THE ATARIS).

Jabberjaw Media was formed after founders Mike Mowery and Matt Carter saw a need for podcast hosts to strategize and find ways to build stronger audiences and share tips under one roof. They collaborated to create an entertainment-centric podcast network that enables direct communication between artists and their audience without the influence of media conglomerates or other gatekeepers. The artist-friendly network will work with its hosts in creating compelling content and encouraging free expression of thoughts, ideas, and beliefs. Jabberjaw Media exists to aggregate present podcasts and help them thrive while seeking to produce great content from interesting personalities within independent music and beyond. Jabberjaw Media shows will provide a wealth of knowledge, offer insightful stories, and thought-provoking topics. Network members and hosts not only work in the their respective industries today, but they are also genuinely passionate about the people that make up this community. As a result, the network is full of shows relevant for both fans and professionals alike.

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